My name is Dr Giray Cordan. I am a fully qualified HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist.

My practices are located in the heart of Harley Street.


I am trained in the assessment and treatment of a range of mental health problems and experiences including:

- Trauma work
- Anxiety & Panic Attacks
- Depression
- Anger
- Stress & Burnout
- Phobias
- Relationship Problems


My training allows me to offer a wide range of therapies, including CBT, CAT and Psychodynamic approaches.

This means that I can tailor my approach to match the unique nature of your distress - if one approach doesn't work, we can explore other modalities.


- Individuals £180 per hour
- Health insurance varies

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I am a Clinical Psychologist and I work across the lifespan. I work with both children and adults within the NHS and in private practice.

My approach to therapy is always respectful and sensitive. My priority is to help you feel comfortable so that you can feel safe enough to share the difficulties you are facing.

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To book an appointment please contact me on:

Email: Hello@drcordan.co.uk

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about me

Dr Giray Cordan - BSc, PgDip, MA, MSc, MPhil, DclinPsy (Exon)

I am half English, half Turkish, was born in Scotland, and have grown up all over the world. I have traveled extensively and never tire of the difference the world has to offer.

When you come to see me you can expect to feel safe. I am passionate about building a sense of trust and openness. Together we will explore the challenges you face and find ways to move forward using the latest in therapeutic approaches. Every part of our work will be based on developing practical solutions to get you back to feeling your usual self.

I have studied in a number of Russell Group Universities, and have held an Honorary Fellow position at Exeter University. I have also been published in a number of leading journals, and have had my research covered in publications as far afield as TIME magazine.

What approaches?

You may have heard of CBT, which stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. A lot of research has been published detailing the effectiveness of this approach for difficulties such as anxiety and depression. I often find CBT proves to be a useful way of helping the people I work with get back in control.

You may have also heard of Mindfulness. This is an approach that borrows from Buddhist practices. It is a really useful skill in helping you to develop self-awareness, rather than being caught up in life's chaos.

I can at times work more Psychodynamically. This looks a bit more in depth at early experiences, helping you to see how they impact on the way you live right now - it might be the partners you choose or the self-limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

I would be happy to discuss this some more with you. You can contact me on:

Email: Hello@drcordan.co.uk

Or click 'Contact' at the top of the page.

What to expect

Sometimes people find the idea of coming to talk to a Psychologist quite scary. It's understandable because it is not something we are used to.

When you first come to meet me we will spend an hour thinking about what has brought you to therapy.

We will then find a suitable date to meet again, where I will get to know a bit more about your life story. I find this helpful to get a sense of who you are and how you see your current difficulties.

We usually finish the assessment stage after two or three sessions. I will then spend some time with you outlining a strategy for our work together. If we both agree with this plan, we can begin the treatment.

How Many Sessions?

Interventions usually last anywhere from six to 25 sessions, depending on what we are working on and how you respond.

I will let you know at the end of the assessment phase how long I think we might need.

At the end of our work together we will review how far we have come!


Sessions 50 minutes £180

Payment can be made with cash, cheques, or via BACS transfer.

To connect please click 'Contact' above or:

Email: Hello@drcordan.co.uk

Private Medical Insurance

Sessions can also be funded via private medical insurance cover.

I am a registered provider with most major UK and international health insurance companies.

You will need to contact your insurance company prior to meeting with me to establish any limitations on your policy.

Although I will invoice the company directly, you will be responsible for any shortfall, excess or overdue amount.

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