Having Difficulties as a couple? Therapy can help with arguments, anger and a break down in trust

All relationships go through difficult times. Sometimes we just need someone to help us see the woods from the trees. When couples hit a bump, communication always suffers. Resentments and secrets can drive a wedge in between you both, and the old ways of working as a team can seem like a distant memory. At times it might feel like separation or divorce are the only options. I will help you to speak with me, together, in a way that allows you to feel heard, with your values respected.

Dr Giray Cordan


I have offices in both Liverpool Street EC2 & Wimpole Street W1


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How can I help?

My aim will not be to solve your relationship difficulties, but rather to help you both develop effective ways of communicating. Often, beneath the shouting and the hurt is a small but honest voice asking for understanding, respect and love. I will help you to tune into your voice, supporting you to find the courage to speak your difficult truth. As part of this process, I will work with you to explore relationship patterns and communications, in order to understand where you learned them from, as well as how to make the changes you want. Whether you decide to stay in the relationship, or whether you choose to part ways, effective communication will help you to move forward in a way that is as amicable as possible.


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