Therapy for Anger. Has your anger got so out of control that it even scares you?! Don’t worry, help is at hand.

Anger is a normal emotion – everyone feels angry from time to time. Anger can become a problem for people when it spills over into parts of their lives – be it their career, marriages or social lives. Fortunately, anger is highly treatable, and getting evidence-based treatment is essential. I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist, and have designed anger management programmes for the NHS and forensic services. In my private practice I often work to help people regain control of their emotions and improve their quality of lives.

Dr Giray Cordan

I have offices in both Liverpool Street EC2 & Wimpole Street W1


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Holding onto anger is a bit like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die!

Often when we get into conflict with others we end up on the same metaphorical hook, suffering together. I will help you to discover ways to let the other person off the hook – not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you need to get yourself free, and because you deserve to live a more fulfilling life.

How can I help?

calmI have a specialist interest in working with anger and have successfully treated many people. My training allows me to provide you with the latest evidence-based treatments. As a clinical psychologist I am different from single therapy trained professionals. I am trained in a number of different approaches, which is essential because one size treatment does not fit all – your anger will be very different from someone else’s.

The aim of our work will be to re-direct your energies away from anger, rumination and bitterness, in order to enable you to invest in a more meaningful life – one whose thoughts, actions and behaviours are in line with your life values. In our sessions we will explore your values, so that you can consciously place them at the heart of your existence – giving choice, and therefore meaning, to the way in which you choose to live.


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Skype sessions £70 per hour – Face to face appointments £89 – Recognised provider by major insurance companies