There are so many different therapists out there – therapists, psychologists, CBT therapists, counsellors…. how do I know who I can trust?

When looking for an expert to help you with sensitive, personal difficulties, the last thing you need is to have to work your way through a maze of ‘professions’ on the internet offering help. In order to help you with your questions, and because your decision to seek help is such an important one, I thought I would write this page.

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It may come as some surprise that anyone can call themselves…

  • a psychotherapist
  • a counsellor
  • a psychologist

You see, none of these titles are protected, which means that you do not have to have any qualifications behind you to advertise your services on the internet!


What is the difference between a CBT Therapist and a Clinical Psychologist?


Both CBT Therapist and Clinical Psychologist are protected titles. Anyone not qualified to use these risks imprisonment!

  • The only requirements to call yourself a  CBT Therapist is that you attain a Post Graduate Diploma, which takes 12 months to complete. CBT Therapists are only trained in the one approach – CBT.
  • In order to use the title Clinical Psychologist you will need to have completed a Degree in Psychology. The average Clinical Psychologist will then work as an Assistant Psychologist for two or three years until they manage to secure a place on a three year long Clinical Psychology Doctorate. The NHS funds your place on the Doctorate to the tune of £200k, so competition for places is fierce. As part of the training, Clinical Psychologists learn to work using a number of therapy approaches, including CBT, Mindfulness, Narrative, CAT and psychodynamic therapies. The idea behind this is that human beings are complex, and their difficulties can be even more so! Having been trained in a number of therapies, Clinical Psychologists offer tailored interventions to match the client’s uniqueness.


My Background

Dr Giray CordanI am a London based HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist. My journey to becoming qualified began shortly after completing a BSc in Business Studies. I did a Psychology foundation course in Oxford Brookes, followed by an MPhil in Glasgow University. During this time I did some project work for Strathclyde Police Intelligence, before embarking on a Forensic Psychology Masters. As part of this, I received prizes for best academic performance as well as for best research. My research caught the interest of the media, and was covered in TIME Magazine.

After working as an Assistant Psychologist in a number of prisons, I applied for my Clinical Doctorate training in Exeter University. During this time I published a number of peer reviewed journal articles on head injury. After completing my Doctorate I began working within the NHS, both within the community and in hospitals. A year after graduating, whilst continuing in my NHS post, I studied a Masters in Systemic and Psychoanalytic approaches to Organisational Consulting.

A number of years back I made the decision to mix up my work experiences, and now continue to practice both privately, as well as holding a senior position within the NHS. It’s been a long journey to get to where I am – the reward is that I love what I do! Please feel free to get in touch if would like to book an appointment or discuss your situation some more.



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